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27 August 2014 @ 08:21 pm
Huh. At long last, the vidding bug is biting again. (Maybe a delayed reaction to watching Vividcon livestreams? More on that, with recs, at some point.)

I spent part of this afternoon and evening thinking about what sources might be fun to request and offer for Festivids, since nominations should be coming up in a few weeks. Wondering if this will be the year I'm finally brave enough to check off many boxes for sources I like but don't have specific ideas for.

If the mood continues, I may clear space to pull up my desk chair and poke at one stalled vid or another this weekend, since we've got the extra day off. There's the many-years-languished SGA constructed reality vid I want to amnesty-post as soon as I learn to do just one special effect. My coworker offered an alternative solution in Premiere today. Or there's the few-fandoms vid that would be good for Halloween, with footage already ripped.

There's also a vid I've been wanting to make since someone requested [source] several Festivids ago. It's intimidated me from the start, since it requires more skill than I've achieved so far, but I really like the idea and think it could be kind of amazing if it were to turn out close to how it looks in my head. Maybe that would be a good autumn project. Along with finding a vidding mentor or two for advice on the especially difficult parts.

Funny thing is, I didn't even like [source] that much. Or I guess I enjoyed not liking it. Apparently this is a thing that can happen when the right song finds the right source.
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statistics page from youtube showing a sudden spike from around zero to 3,000 views

A cluster of comments came in on Starships! this weekend. Industrious Googling tracked down the likely culprit: a nice post at* Given that it appeared alongside posts about Guardians of the Galaxy and Blade 4, that seems cool.

Some responses were lovely. At least as many were the usual collection of "Why no [insert unrepresented source here]?" Sigh. I'm still not sure whether to be more bothered by the rudeness/entitlement or by the refusal to read the notes right there in the video description explaining the project constraints. I mean, it shouldn't be bothersome at all, like the way the potshots at the song choice slide right off me, but it does bother me that I couldn't include everything more, it does occur to me that I could do an expanded, remastered version but choose not to, and the stream of gripes just niggles all the more. ETA: And it bothers me that a vid of "sources I like best" (for the most part) isn't good enough.

*Nor does it help when a reccer makes promises the vid does not deliver, such as, "If you're a fan of any starship and crew at all, you're almost certain to find them in this video." Not to be ungrateful; just that commenters direct their dissatisfaction as often to (or about) the vidder as to the reccer.

And then I wonder whether I am the one who needs to keep the ego in check, because a comment is a comment and that means a total stranger not only wanted to watch a vid I made but also cared enough to say something about it. And I understand the feeling of watching or reading a compilation that doesn't include a personal favorite.

Even so: The positive responses outweigh the disappointed, complainy and dismissive ones. It makes me happy that this vid, and the shows and movies of my heart that it contains, make many other people happy.

Starships! went live two years ago this coming weekend. It just broke 150,000 views if you combine YouTube & Vimeo hits. That is nothing on a scale of 1 to YouTube, but it's head and shoulders above anything else I've posted. I am really proud of it.

ETA: Oh! And it seems a segment of the vid showed during an OTW panel at Comic-Con this year? Heidi Tandy contacted me while I was on vacation and I gave the OK, but am not sure in what context it was chosen or how the panel went. Was anyone there?
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04 August 2014 @ 07:28 pm
I'm glad they posted the Vividcon panels after I'd downgraded from attending to supporting. So many of them sound excellent, I would have been tempted to spend money I shouldn't spend. Especially Cuts Both Ways, Structure, Feedback, Timing, Use of Clips. And Lyrical Interpretation. And Using Vids in Class. And and.

Someone will take notes, right?



My sister came to visit this weekend, which was lovely. She had not been over since she helped me move in last fall. We saw dogs, friends and movies, cooked, looked up video clips of computer games and screen savers that we used to enjoy from the mid-'80s to the early '90s, and exchanged presents. Got accidentally sunburned. Returned to work today, empinkened.


Still have not recovered brain from vacation. Can simply say that I watched these movies recently and they were great:

Remembrance (Die verlorene Zeit) - Loosely based on the story of a couple who escaped a concentration camp in Poland and only found each other again decades later and a continent apart. Very well made, if not exactly a documentary. I liked the understated way it depicted the mercurial moods and fierce privacy of the main character when war-related memories were forced back into play.

The History of Future Folk - Oddball, charming extraterrestrial "backstory" of a real folk duo, with a couple of good songs (especially the Spanish one), a lead who could be James Spader's younger brother, and roles for Onata Aprile from What Maisie Knew and Dee Snider. Though if you are taking this as a rec, be aware that there's a creepy-stalkery scene in the middle that is played as cute but is equally uncomfortable.

Rango - Who knew this was so quirky, thick with intertextual references and beautifully animated? Not to mention environmentally minded. The dream sequence won my heart.

Jane Eyre (Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender version) - Almost turned it off in the beginning because of the Epic Angst on the Moors -- seriously Epic -- but glad I didn't. I thought Mia Wasikowska did a fabulous job of conveying Jane's hard-learned reticence and inner turmoil. The St. John stuff will never not be boring, the school flashbacks were too short for character development beyond caricature, Rochester switched too quickly IMO from aloof skepticism to adoration, and see above re: Epic Angst, but the rest made up for it. Pretty well streamlined overall.

The Bride - Bizarre and therefore highly entertaining riff on Frankenstein in which Sting is Dr. F., a luscious young Jennifer Beal is the bride, they form a love triangle with Cary Elwes, and the creature runs off to join the circus with a midget. Plus feminism. Made all the better by the lack of clarity as to whether the whole thing was supposed to be funny.

Oh, and watched The Lego Movie on the plane home. It was cute and clever, as people had promised, though also mired in its own central contradiction, as some film critic pointed out, being a movie pushing a corporate product that tells you that it's good to break free of corporate control and conformity. "I only work in black and sometimes very dark gray." If only the human kid had been a girl, or they hadn't made the little sister a punchline, however funny the Duplo line was. GIRLS LOVE LEGO TOO, DAMMIT.

I guess Guardians of the Galaxy is next, because Vin Diesel. Sounds like fandom likes it. Based on the trailer, I'm still not convinced it's actually funny. We'll see.
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One day on our London trip we had the opportunity to catch a train up to Leavesden to tour the Harry Potter movie sets.

It was so much fun. I had been feeling lukewarm on HP, but as soon as we pulled up to the studios I started to get excited, and when it turned out that they had not only sets you could walk through but also costumes and wigs and prints and statues and items like the Triwizard Tournament trophy and the locket/horcrux that Regulus Black stole, things turned into allcaps. SIRIUS AND REMUS'S COSTUMES! THE NOBLE AND MOST ANCIENT HOUSE OF BLACK FAMILY TAPESTRY! THE MARAUDERS' MAP! SNAPE'S CLASSROOM! LUCIUS MALFOY'S WIG! THE BRIDGE FROM CUARON'S POA!

All in all, we spent about four hours there including a stop in the middle for sandwiches and butterbeer. (I had not known butterbeer was not beer. It was cream soda with a butterscotch-flavored foam topping. deelaundry ordered one and let me try a sip. She is such a world traveler that she has now had butterbeer at both locations it is officially offered. :) The other being in Orlando, FL.)

Photo overviewCollapse )

This link takes you to a slideshow version:

If you'd rather page through each photo, they are behind the cut.Collapse )

It was just astounding how much time, skill and money went into creating the visual version of this world.

Our only issue besides the difficulty of obtaining tickets -- word to the wise, plan further ahead -- was the gift shop. It was big and fun and colorful and all that, but they lost a major opportunity to make money off us when they didn't offer many print items. They had a few lovely prints in frames, but they were signed limited editions and quite expensive. No Marauders' Map, no prints of the concept art (permissions issue?), no acceptance letters or tickets to Hogwarts, no Umbridge proclamations, etc. I'm sure they had their reasons, but *shrug*. The merchandise was mostly clothes, candy and trinkets, heavily skewed toward Gryffindor, with a few luxury items like jewelry and really nice reproductions of Lucius' cane and a Firebolt broom and whatnot.

But that was minor, really, and there's always Etsy.

I was thinking about it again yesterday and concluded that the only world it would have been more personally thrilling/fulfilling to step into was that of Deep Space Nine. Am still bitter sad the Las Vegas attraction closed before I was able to visit it.

Anyway, hope that was enjoyable for some of you. It certainly was for us.
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It are my birthday. I failed to make a vid or write a story or post vacation pictures to mark the occasion, but (1) vacation pictures are coming, and (2) today turned out pretty great. I:

- Acquired some delicious corn and tomatoes at the farmers market that I hadn't been able to get to very much this year
- Talked to my sister on the phone
- Saw half of a mediocre production of Twelfth Night out on the Boston Common
- Scored a free scoop of ice cream from Ben and Jerry's
- Had a super yummy meal at a tapas restaurant nearby that I hadn't tried yet, with classy waitstaff who gave me a couple of dishes on the house
- Received two actual physical birthday cards
- Opened a box from my mom that contained things like socks (our family is like Dumbledore) and a plastic tumblr [ETA: ha, just noticed the typo] tumbler with cartoon monsters on it
- Sat on the back deck with the scent of someone's woodsmoke in the air and read a few more chapters of A Dance with Dragons


Thursday and Friday were nutty with jet lag disorientation. Plus I returned home to find a host of small changes like a new bike lane in the street and our office admin's dramatic new haircut and supermarket employees protesting the ouster of their beloved CEO. Most surreal of all, I pitched polyamory to my mom as a solution to the teen drama she is apparently now living.


And now, to bed.
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01 July 2014 @ 01:35 pm
I've got a sudden hankering for summer-at-the-beach romance stories. Do you know of any good ones?

If fanfic, doesn't matter what fandoms or genders. Long, slow burn would be great. One-shot PWP also good.

So far, I found The Summer Holds A Song (We Might Sing Forever) by annundriel and Obstinatrix (Supernatural AU, Castiel/Dean). And Past the Breakers by thepsychicclam (Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles), which is shaky on the emotional arc but a good enough genre fit to keep going.
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30 June 2014 @ 08:39 pm
Defiance S2, eps 1-2Collapse )

True Blood S7, ep 2Collapse )

FYI, more spoilers in comments.
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17 June 2014 @ 08:49 pm
1. One year in, ignazwisdom's and my Star Trek TOS rewatch continues apace, with great nostalgia and humor. We recently started season three. Here is iggy's latest writeup, on Elaan of Troyius. Episode recap tag / Full tumblr. All NSFW on account of URL and icon, heh.

2. Famous on the internet? Well, not quite, but thanks to a friend, the pudding cups and Jell-O shots from that Kink Bingo birthday party a couple of summers ago make a cameo appearance in the latest issue of Transformative Works and Cultures, special issue on materiality and object-oriented fandom, article "Beyond souvenirs: Making fannish items by hand" by Dana Sterling Bode. Neat. Just wish there were a link to the full post. Looks like that's not journal standard, though.

3. I encountered this summary of Five Times the Inception Team Tried to Extract Information from the Atlantis Crew today on pinboard and found it amusing. Y/N?

--march 2011 by LLD_ONMEME

4. My lower calves (?) are so tight after three days in conference chairs, two flights and next to no exercise that it actually hurt to walk today. Whoops.

5. Non-spoilery nitpick re: this week's Penny DreadfulCollapse )
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I had a great weekend at con_txt. It was so nice to see friends again, and to make some new acquaintances.

I was concerned about the programming because I haven't been feeling enthused about any particular canon on the docket in a communal-fannish way lately, and because mass squee can be scary; but there turned out to be plenty of meta panels and entertaining moderators to make the experience enjoyable.

I also appreciate how, while con.txt is a slash con by definition, those of us who do not exclusively enjoy slash are welcomed and able to have discussions about a variety of sexual identities and relationship types in fandom (and life), plus gen topics.

In case you are interested, I jotted down some notes. Nothing fancy or thorough. has panel descriptions and mod names.

Werewolf Torts and Undead AnnuitiesCollapse )

Small Fandom Dating GameCollapse )

Fannish PictionaryCollapse )

Vid ShowCollapse )

Monetizing FandomCollapse )

Inverting TropesCollapse )

D/s in FandomCollapse )

Not My Fandom's OTPCollapse )

Awesome RobotsCollapse )

Checking in on the Fannish DiasporaCollapse )

Small Fandom and Between-Fandom Support GroupCollapse )

Dubcon F***ing: How Does It WorkCollapse )

Rule 34 in a Magical UniverseCollapse )

Bi-invisibilityCollapse )

Also attended a panel about tagging and another about AUs.

Note to self: Action items:

- DS9 essential episodes list for corbae (post likely to follow)
- Riddick recs list for monkey_pie (ditto)
- Read bmouse's Garak/Bashir collection
- Check out stuff from Small Fandom Dating Game
- Figure out naming issue and start a new Twitter to keep in touch with fan friends?
- Grin and bear it open a Tumblr account???