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I have attempted podfic!

I have this square on my Kink Bingo card for pegging/strap-ons, and whenever I tried to think about what I'd write for a pegging story, I'd end up reminiscing about siriaeve's fics featuring Alex and Claire from the TV show Cupid, which are two of the sweetest, hottest gal-on-guy stories I've ever read. So I decided to record and share them, with siriaeve's kind permission. I hope I've done them justice.

(I don't think it matters if you don't know the show; I didn't when I read these stories originally, and I still loved them. FYI that Joe Flanigan played Alex, a love interest of the main character, Claire's. Last time I checked, you could watch most of the Alex/Claire arc on YouTube.)

Note: Siria's stories followed on a similarly lovely one by sheafrotherdon, who also graciously granted recording permission to round out the trio.

I. Gee by sheafrotherdon (Fic on LJ)
Length: 6:35
Rating: Adult
Summary: In which Alex convinces Claire to try something different.
Contains: Anal sex

jinjurly's archive | megaupload (6.1 MB, mp3)

II. Bend Over, Boyfriend by siriaeve (Fic on LJ / AO3)
Length: 11:20
Rating: Adult
Summary: In which Claire decides that turnabout is fair play.
Contains: Pegging

jinjurly's archive | megaupload (10.6 MB, mp3)

III. She's Giving Me Excitations by siriaeve (Fic on LJ / AO3)
Length: 6:28
Rating: Adult
Summary: In which Alex has a confession, and Claire follows up with something new.
Contains: Male penetration with a sex toy

jinjurly's archive | megaupload (6 MB, mp3)

Or download all three stories in a Zip file.

Enjoy! Feedback and concrit are welcome; these are the first podfics I've made. And if you like the stories, please do let siria & sheafrotherdon know.
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