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New vid! "Boy with the Bubblegun," The Hunger Games, Katniss-centric (WisCon premiere)

Hope LJ stays up long enough for this to work...

Title: Boy with the Bubblegun
Fandom: The Hunger Games
Characters: Katniss, allies, representatives of the Capitol
Music: Tom McRae
Length: 2:58
Summary: The leaders of the Capitol think there's nothing to fear from a rural girl with a bow and arrow. Katniss makes them think again.
Content notes: Brief graphic violence against minors by minors and implied child death (1:30-1:41). Moment where male authority figure brushes hair off girl's shoulder in a threatening way (2:37-2:39). Spoilers for the first movie; thematic spoilers for the books.
Beta: Many, many thanks to cincodemaygirl for comments on three drafts in seven days, and to alpheratz and corbae for joining in the second round. This vid is significantly better because of them.
A/N: Made for WisCon 2013 ([community profile] wiscon_vidparty), the feminist science fiction con which this year had a theme for the premieres vidshow of "gender and technology." I didn't make the connection between the theme and this vid idea, which had been percolating in my head since festivids signups, until the day of the deadline, *facepalm*, but [personal profile] futuransky was awesome about it and let me turn this in a week late. Hope you enjoy it.

Streaming at YouTube (captioned) and Vimeo | Download mp4 (29 MB) and srt file


Welcome to the second reel
Glad that you could make it
We thought your fate was sealed
It's not what we expected

But you punch above your weight
And you're stronger than you look
And the ending's not the same
They changed it from the book

I'm the boy with the bubblegun
I'm taking aim
I cannot hit to hurt
Or cause you pain
If words could kill
I'd spell out your name

It's time to kill the king
It's written in the scripture
See what tomorrow brings
Gotta get a bigger picture

So forgive me
Forgive me
For I am born to be what I must be
And I must be

The boy with the bubblegun
I'm taking aim
I cannot hit to hurt
Or cause you pain
If words could kill
I'd spell out your name

I'm the boy with the bubblegun
The boy with the bubblegun
I'm the boy with the bubblegun
With work to do
If songs could kill
This one's for you

Comments and concrit are always welcome as I try to improve my vidding.

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ETA: Neat recap of WisCon vidshow discussion
And post by chaila

This vid has since shown at: WisCon 38/2014 ("What Women Want: Control, Agency and Desire in SFF" vid show)
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