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Festivids 2016-2017

"My name is [personal profile] bironic. I like things in space and things with vampires," I wrote at [personal profile] st_aurafina's friending meme in January, then realized my 5 Festivids consisted of 3 set in space and 2 involving vampires, one of which was set to a Byron poem.

This year I made:

Sunny Days (Dark City)
For onewingdippedinblood. My actual assignment.

Something's Going Wrong (Waxwork)
For onewingdippedinblood. I hadn't heard of this movie before reading onewingdippedinblood's Festivids letter, but watched it, was delighted, and thought of a vid song right away. Kudos to [personal profile] mific for guessing that I made this! #onbrand

Behind Blue Eyes (2001: A Space Odyssey)
For cherryice. Because the song match was too terrible/great to pass up.

Going through space with the world (Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield)
For thirdblindmouse. Because space and science and a joyous expansion into celebrity.

She Walks in Beauty (Let the Right One In)
For quizkwatsh. I'd been wanting to make this one for a while and wish it had gone over better; I wonder if it's because people don't know the source or if the vid itself is not compelling.

More notes on each vid at the posts linked above.

As for those vid-related remarks I couldn't share at the time:
Now taking bets that people will think [profile] cherryice made the Chris Hadfield vid, heh. Canada + science.

Ah, I'd forgotten that vidding Waxwork would let me put in vampires, BDSM and the Marquis de Sade.

This shot of the frozen kid on "Where?" makes me laugh every time. (I hope it's not the only funny thing in this vid.)

No wonder I liked the Marquis de Sade in Waxwork – his face and hair look exactly like Vincent Cassel's in Brotherhood of the Wolf. Consistent taste is consistent.

I've been saying to friends that all I want from the Dark City vid is for people who haven't seen the movie to go, "What the hell?" When I played the draft at [personal profile] deelaundry's house, Mr. [personal profile] deelaundry said, "What the hell?" \o/

I've decided I love Chris Hadfield and his adorable little moustache. In spaaaaaace.

Hey, I learned how to make heart-shaped masks! Still need to learn how to make a (probably non-stationary) overlay of Eli's hand trailing along Oskar's arm.

This song is still the best-worst. [Originally this referred to "Behind Blue Eyes," but it also applies to the Sesame Street theme.]

Ooh, I'm glad I decided to watch the DVD extras for Let the Right One In, because I think I just found my closing shots.

What the hell, I don't even have feelings about the Maple Leafs or the Blue Jays, except apparently I do.

Ha, my coworker R. thought Oskar was a girl, so in the first draft, he was confused about which "she" was walking in beauty. I said that would have made the movie and the vid even more interesting!

Although I'm happy with the vids I made, I'm disappointed to look at them as a group and realize they all feature white protagonists. Well, except for HAL, but HAL is balanced out by Oskar in Let the Right One In, who's the whitest white kid who ever whited. Not a ratio I'm happy with.

Also, it turns out [personal profile] elipie is the one who made "To The Edge" for me! Check it out, with vidder's notes. I know the subject matter will not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's a very good vid, at once cerebral and visceral, and it didn't get a lot of love and it deserves more. ♥

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