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insufferable know-it-all
I don't even go here, as they say, but [personal profile] toft & J. & [personal profile] marginaliana & I were talking about this rectangular livestock meme popularized by The Museum of English Rural Life, and one thing led to another. Happy early birthday, [personal profile] toft.

Title: Squares Are Everywhere (AO3)
Fandom: "Absolute unit" livestock meme
Music: by StoryBots (edited)
Length: 41 sec.
Content notes: Improbably shaped farm animals, brief ram genitalia
Physical notes: A few slide/push transitions
Credits: Images mostly via [twitter.com profile] TheMERL, with some from Ars Technica, Medium, eBay, etc. Info about the meme here; warning for fatphobia at top.

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insufferable know-it-all
17 February 2019 @ 04:32 pm

Work has been… not good lately. My boss' boss killed a long-term project of mine at the 11th hour that I was really proud of and looking forward to sharing with people. The nix came out of nowhere and despite approvals by all the other necessary parties, proposed compromises from me and vocal support from the rest of our team. That has taken the wind out of my sails.

I also struggled in the last couple of weeks with a series of decisions that shouldn't have been that hard. Well, I've got issues, but I realized this go-round that it's not all me, it's also other people not accepting a first "no thanks." Plus I think I have to quit my therapist and find someone less frustrating. Or just stop. Perhaps not surprisingly, I've had a strange, pressure-type headache for a week and counting.

However! Summer travel provides something to look forward to. I was approved to attend a conference in Switzerland, whee, and later will be spending a low-key week with some friends on the Cape, where I have never gone despite having lived in Boston for more than 10 years when you add it all together. Grateful to have been invited.


Achieved my first fannish goal for the year by upgrading to a paid Spotify account. Being able to play music on the TV (via Roku) has made a huge difference in how often I listen, and already the influx of new artists and songs has lifted my spirits and begun to replenish my dwindling collection of viddable music. One song wants to be about The Good Place, even though I had no plans to vid that show.


Back to usual habits: 26 movies and 3 seasons of television so far this year. No oomph to write reviews, but I'm sure the time and inclination will return at some point.

Some of that TV is a new-to-me 1990s show in case it sparks an idea for [community profile] equinox_exchange, because our matched fandom isn't working out and I don't know how to do things in half measures. (I talked to my mom about defaulting or phoning something in, and she reminded me that I won't be happy making something I don't like.) There is a movie option, but the right song hasn't presented itself. TBD, I guess.

Funny story about that: One actor struck me as good-looking in atypical way, and when I looked him up I learned he's the son of another actor whose photos I've had on my computer for years because he is also good-looking in an atypical way. Consistent taste is consistent! Now I see the resemblance, although I don't think I would have figured it out on my own, especially since they have different last names. /cryptic


1. For stress relief and a friend's birthday, I spent half a day making a vidlet of the best kind: simple, silly and short. Stay tuned.

2. Intermittently editing a Longmire vid that didn't work out for Festivids: Mathias+Walt (or Mathias/Walt), Mathias POV, hopefully funny. Somehow there are zero Mathias/Walt fanworks among the 289 Longmire entries on the AO3, despite the characters having similar jobs and the type of contentious relationship fandom usually loves.

3. Planning [personal profile] deelaundry's auction vid.

Also, [personal profile] trelkez's Self-Curated Vid Show collection went live, in which 31 vidders submitted playlists they constructed from their own vid archives in whatever ways they desired. I've got two playlists in the mix. You can watch them here if you like. I'm looking forward to getting a better sense of people's bodies of work in the coming weeks.

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insufferable know-it-all
05 February 2019 @ 02:41 pm
Hm. My [community profile] equinox_exchange assignment is technically a match, but we're interested in completely different characters for our large, shared source. Am instead exploring a couple of other sources among their requests. Oh, well.


I went to a small gallery opening last night at Harvard Divinity School in which a recent graduate, a self-taught artist, painted a series of icons in the Byzantine tradition that depict Star Wars characters. So instead of Mary and baby Jesus, there's C-3PO cradling R2D2, radiant against a gold background, with their names transliterated into Greek.

The collection is called "Saints of Star Wars" and it is a super fun exploration of the intersection of fannishness and worship.

The artist, Alex Ramos (artist bio | academic bio), spoke for a few minutes and made himself very available for discussions with the few dozen attendees. Two faculty members also introduced the exhibit. As someone with only a cursory education in Christianity and art history and medium-level knowledge of Star Wars, I appreciated the context they provided and the framing questions they posed, such as:

- What is for us today an icon?

- Some contemporary SF/F properties convene religious communities. Ex. Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, Jedi-ism as a self-entered minority religion on official census documents.

- Explanations of the inspirations behind individual paintings. Chewbacca after John the Baptist with fur cloak and curly hair. Luke after St. George and the Dragon. Anakin as an icon of redemption.

And as a Renaissance finale, a version of the Last Supper featuring Jabba the Hutt, which, if I heard correctly, the Divinity School commissioned. Ramos told a few of us about the decisionmaking behind placement of certain characters, notably Leia in the position of betrayer. In the second version he painted, she doesn't have a halo.

With bonus filk! Topping off the event, a local family choir performed two original Star Wars songs, one detailing Jabba's excuses for why he can't be nice and the other sung by Anakin Skywalker about the benefits of turning to the Dark Side. It was amusing in the sometimes cringey way of amateur performances.

On a personal level, I enjoyed chatting with not only Ramos but also a visiting scholar from Tuskegee University who studies at the confluence of bioethics, faith and gender; a young woman priest from Boston's Trinity Church; a biologist; and a faculty member at the design school.

Never has there been a more appropriate venue to overhear the exchange: "May the Force be with you." "And also with you."

ETA: The internet reveals a similar, digital series, Imperial Saints, designed by Patrick King.

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insufferable know-it-all
03 February 2019 @ 06:00 pm
Signups for the fall/spring vidding comm [community profile] equinox_exchange close tonight. This round's theme is "1990s source." There are enough personal favorites on that list that for the first time, I'm signing up rather than waiting to see people's prompts and deciding whether to make a treat. (Given other projects & commitments, I'm trying to think of this one as an easy fill rather than a big investment like Festivids.) Dang it, though, I didn't think to nominate Powder or A Simple Twist of Fate.

Here are my requests!

Fandom: Brimstone (TV)
Characters: Ezekiel Stone, The Devil (Brimstone)

There need to be more Brimstone vids in the world! Like probably everyone, I enjoyed Zeke's flirtations with the Devil. A more spoofy song about how Zeke's manpain and fridged wife maybe haven't aged super well in the last decade could be fun too. I did unironically love many of the demons of the week, especially Gwen. Or: it's fun to be the devil?

Fandom: Roar (TV)
Characters: Longinus, Tully

Longinus!!!! Go whole-heart for Sebastian Roche's face + hair + angst, or make fun of it, or ship him with someone, whatever you like.

Alternately, I don't think I've seen any Tully vids, like, ever?

Or: If you can do a gen vid that makes the show look... like it was good/deep? That would be cool! :D

Fandom: Multi-Fandom
Characters: Alex Mack, Odo

Won't someone cross over Alex from "The Secret World of Alex Mack" + Odo from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"? Liquefiable detectives FTW!!

Fandom: The Crow: City of Angels (1996)
Characters: Ashe, Sarah

I love Vincent Perez and Mia Kirshner's beautiful goth/emo faces. <3 <3

Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Characters: Odo, Weyoun, Dukat, Damar, Julian Bashir

Show of my teenage heart. Some ideas off the top of my head for favorite characters:

- Weyoun's worship of Odo
- Odo character study - justice & gray areas, search for identity as not quite changeling not quite solid. relationships with quark or laas or lwaxana or that femme fatale from that one episode where he gets to have a sort of romance. not into the odo/kira romance, though.
- Cardassians! Damar character study? Damar & Weyoun comedy hour? Dukat's hopeless obsessions with Sisko and/or Kira?
- Bashir character study - arrogance and humility in medicine? personal growth? individual relationships?
- Also see above re: super-niche request for a crossover with The Secret World of Alex Mack!

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insufferable know-it-all
What's that? Tentacles and morbid humor? Count me in.

It Came from Beneath the Sea is a classic B-movie about an oceanic creature that starts encroaching on human ships/submarines/beaches/cities because radiation. It features the special effects of legend Ray Harryhausen. There are a bunch of human scientists and military types, but whatever, we know who the real protagonist is. I was pleased to be compared to [personal profile] jetpack_monkey when someone guessed that he made this vid. :)

Title: Part of That World
Fandom: It Came from Beneath the Sea (1955)
Characters: Giant octopus, civilians
Music: from Disney's "The Little Mermaid"
Length: 2:34
Content notes: Sea monster attacks treated humorously
Physical notes: Stop-motion animation
A/N: A treat for [personal profile] gwenfrankenstien for Festivids 2018-9.

Summary: Out of the sea
Wish I could be
Part of that world

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insufferable know-it-all
02 February 2019 @ 12:16 pm
Hey, did you know I like Longmire and Zahn McClarnon??? And yet only [personal profile] alpheratz guessed me for this vid? Probably because not a lot of people watched it, comparatively. Small fandom, last page of the collection index on the AO3, maybe scary-sounding warnings. I hope some more people give it a try after reveals; I really like how it turned out, sad and sweet, with a flow that hopefully conveys both the impact of individuals and the interconnectedness of community. (One person suspected [personal profile] sholio made this, which IMO was a good guess!)

No source knowledge required to watch this vid. I aimed to make the narrative accessible by telling a series of very small stories underscored by the lyrics. Of course, that said, knowing the characters and plots should certainly add depth.

Title: Hey, Brother
Fandom: Longmire (TV)
Characters: Ensemble, Cheyenne reservation
Music: Olivia Penalva covering Avicii
Length: 3:06
Summary: From hugs to bail money, from job creation to public protests, members of the Cheyenne community have got one another's backs.
A/N: For [personal profile] dirty_diana, who wrote, "I also love the recurring themes of handling trauma, both individual and generational," and said she liked Henry, Jacob and Mathias. Thank you to [personal profile] stultiloquentia for beta.

Content notes: Deaths, including of a teen; suicide by hanging; physical assault, briefly; implied domestic violence; off-screen kidnapping of children
Spoilers: 1x1 (Lilly Stillwater), 1x5 (Neel Cody), 2x13-3x10 (Henry's trial), 3x5 (Hector), 3x10 (David Ridges), 4x6-4x9 (Gab), 5x4 (Mingan), 6x7 (Tate)
Physical notes: Some camera movement

Links, embed & lyricsCollapse )

My goal was to scrape together enough footage of Cheyenne characters being visibly supportive to sustain a vid. Several challenges presented themselves. First, Longmire is a crime procedural, which means bad things happen to people more often than good things, and I didn't want this to turn into torture/sadness porn. Second, the main characters are white, so even though there are many episodes that focus on Cheyenne community members, the stories are usually told from an outsider POV, with Walt Longmire or Cady or Vic literally centered in the frame. That all meant that sometimes a short or awkward clip was still the best (or only) clip to use to show a particular character, set a scene or tell a coherent story.

It also means this vid depicts only part of the picture of Cheyenne plotlines on the show. Maybe a misleading one, for those unfamiliar with it? I hope no one tries Longmire expecting it to look like this vid all the time. It's still about Walt and his department, foremost.

More in-depth commentary coming soon!

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insufferable know-it-all
01 February 2019 @ 10:38 pm
This year's favorite [community profile] festivids:

Goodbye by ? for walkthegale (The Innocents) - A vid of the movie based on the ghost story/novella The Turn of the Screw. Slow and spooky. Awesome establishing of pace and mood.

Dance to Another Tune by ? for thingswithwings (Runaways) - That subjective magic of source + song match, mood, progression, turning ordinary shots of things like the paper snowflakes into something haunting, a series of smart choices down to details like the cult choosing kids who theoretically won't be missed.

It's nothing at all by ? for runawaynun (Battle for Sevastopol) - The choice of Radiohead and the cutting style together create a beautiful flow of horrific events.

Unlock the Lock by ? for runawaynun (The Expanse) - Another good match of song and source and editing, a lovely portrait of Chrisjen and Bobbie and what connects them.

I Know What I Am by ? for colls (Ocean's 8) - How do you handle a source with so many characters? By using a song with two vocalists trading off repetitive verses, of course. I do love a well-structured and well-paced vid.

Plus 8 moreCollapse )

Last but not least, thank you to ??? for making Graveyard Smash, an appropriately tongue-in-cheek fusion of the wacky, bloody, adult-rated film duo of Blood for Dracula and Flesh for Frankenstein. In addition to reveling in the characters' over-the-top expressions, necrophilia, voyeurism, etc., the vid presents a series of fun lyric matches, such as the play on party/Party and the poor "Wolf Man." I promise there's more to the movies than inappropriate sex, should you ever wish to check them out. :)

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insufferable know-it-all
16 January 2019 @ 10:03 pm
May 2019 will mark the 10th anniversary of posting my first vid online, and I thought it would be fun to do some write-ups about the journey, the process, some of the vids I've made and some that didn't make it or haven't yet.

Masterlist on the AO3

Let's start with something that feels contained: audio editing.

A rough count reveals that of 55 vids I've posted to date, 38 of them, or 69%, contain edited audio. Why?

Five reasons:Collapse )

Hope this is interesting to people! More to come. Still taking suggestions for topics.

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insufferable know-it-all
08 January 2019 @ 07:47 pm
This is not a sad story, I promise.

My 97-year-old grandfather was hospitalized at the end of December for a UTI. This happened a lot with my then-98-year-old grandmother before she died in 2016, so it felt all too familiar.

But he recovered enough to return to the "independent living" facility where he hangs out, and being otherwise healthy and cognitively intact and a naturally outgoing person, his main problem is feeling lonely as he convalesces, so my dad and stepmom and I have (separately) been calling him more or less daily.

Then he spent an afternoon in the ER because he had some bleeding. Somehow this was related to the UTI. Er, what?

The more we talked, the more the plot thickened. The UTI didn't occur spontaneously but was a complication of a catheter, since removed. Why had he had a catheter? He'd had surgery. What surgery? The same surgery that caused the bleeding as healing progressed. Finally, my dad asked if it was okay to talk to his doctor.

And it turns out

that the surgery my 97-year-old widower grandfather had

was to implant

a penile prosthesis

which the Mayo Clinic website confirms is 100% used to treat erectile dysfunction

from which the only conclusion our family can draw is that he has acquired a secret girlfriend.

I've heard about the shenanigans that go on in nursing homes, the soap opera entanglements and the STD rates and everything. I just assumed it applied to other people's grandparents.


(Now to wait and see if and when he ever mentions this lady friend to me, as I will never ever bring up the fact that I know what procedure he underwent.)

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insufferable know-it-all
07 January 2019 @ 03:06 pm
You never know which story will call to you, or when. One of the documents I've been returning to lately is an old Stargate-movie Mary Sue story about one of Ra's body servants. It's different from other universes I've played in in that, while we the readers view Ra as an alien possessing a human body, to the protagonist, he is divine; so the narrative intermingles deity/worshipper and ruler/subject and lover/beloved, and because much of it is told from the young servant's point of view, she does not question--in fact, wholeheartedly devotes herself to--what we could label an exploitative relationship. After tweaking little bits here and there of a draft that has remained stagnant for perhaps a decade, this weekend I added 1,000 words of a new scene. I am happily bewildered.

Strange things happen regarding time. There's this whole batch of stories I started in my, I guess you'd call it golden years, from late high school through shortly after college, which still serve as the foundation for most of the Mary Sue writing I do that's technically fanfic but isn't likely to ever be posted. I still think of them as fairly new, except, on reflection, even the newest of them started more than 15 years ago. What the hell.

("What the hell have I been doing with my creative life in those 15 years" is a follow-on question it's best not to wallow in.)

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