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insufferable know-it-all
02 August 2012 @ 09:28 pm
Right, I promised you a playlist of the vids we watched at the party on Saturday. Finally overcame this week's general evening laziness—here 'tis, in alphabetical order. A mix of favorites old and new, requests, vids I hadn't seen in a little while, and a sampling of some I'd never seen. By no means representative of all my favorites or of any particular vidder's best work, etc.

About 40 vids; inadvertent nice job of multifannishness.Collapse )

We also watched a few others that didn't make much of an impression. And a premiere from deelaundry, coming soon to an Internet near you. And a few of mine, yay, including my two upcoming Vividcon premieres (!), Soccer Practice, They Want More and the Humping Robot vid.


At this time next week, I'll be settled into the hotel in Chicago for Vividcon. \o/ A week from tomorrow, my Club Vivid vid will premiere that I am excited about (SPACE!). A week from Saturday, my SGA vid will be in the premieres show and I will finally find out whether the majority reaction is impressed or bored.

First, though, must hash out the stubborn last section to this Beauty & the Beast fic, grr.