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Festivids vid #1: They Want More (Jurassic Park trilogy)

Title: They Want More
Fandom: Jurassic Park movies
Rating: R
Music: "I Want More" by Elton John (edited demo from Lestat the musical)
Length: 3:31
Summary: The inevitable outcome of cloning giant carnivores.
Warnings: Dinosaur-related violence, gore, cruelty to animals, morbid humor. One clip has possible overtones of sexual threat. There is lightning at :23-:24 and 1:18-1:19.
Dedication: Made for Festivids 2010 for Dogstar ([personal profile] leanwellback), who shares my love of "Dinosaurs! Also, DINOSAURS."

A/N: You guys. This vid. I made something silly, hoping it would make the recipient laugh as much as it made me laugh, and then it ended up accruing more comments than anything else I've ever posted.

If you've known me for a while, you know that I loved the original Jurassic Park to pieces (complete with blushing crush on Jeff Goldblum -- shut up, I was 13) and that I nearly vibrated out of my skin with anticipation when the (godawful) Lestat musical finally happened. Between that and the fact that this vid is basically my Wraith vid, all vampires & POV-switching only this time with dinosaurs (and without the aspect ratio and interlacing issues), you know why I thought LJ friends might easily recognize the vid as mine.

So that happened, and I am thrilled.

Streaming on YouTube | Streaming on Vimeo | Download large (.mp4, 48 MB) or medium (.mp4, 30 MB)


Don't chastise me, I'm a child acting as a child does
You ply me with lifeless dolls when what I want is blood

You took me from the streets to complete this union
Do you expect some little saint kneeling for Communion

I want more, I want more

Look at you, you disapprove like two fussy mothers
Who are you to criticize the habits of another

Did I rock the family boat by dining on the help
Aren't I just the little beast? Well, I can't stop myself

I want more, I want more, I want more
I want more, I want more

I don't want their milk and honey
They can keep those fine herb teas
I don't need their chocolate hot and sweet
It's thick and red for me

For everyone that comes along knockin' on this door
Don't blame me, it's your fault that I want more

Look at me, I'm so sweet, I'm innocent and charming
But all you see is some spoiled brat, a child so demanding

Don't fuss so, you both know the rapture of the bite
Is not monstrous, it's just Claudia's healthy appetite

And I want more, I want more

Should I be the little miss and while away the hours
I think not, I'd rather hunt than cut up paper flowers

Thanks to you, things I do verge on the obscene
What a pair of hypocrites. Well, this cat wants the cream

I want more, I want more, I want more
I want more, I want more

I wander through the streets at night and find a charming couple
Who fear that such an angel lost could find herself in trouble
They can't resist my trembling lip, my eyes so filled with tears
They rest my head upon their necks... Oh, dear

I want more, I want more
I want more

When I first signed up for Festivids, I had a brief conversation with anoel that led to me brainstorming Plan B ideas for each fandom I'd volunteered, to use if my recipient's request left me at a loss. By going through my music collection and thinking of which fandoms each could apply to, I came up with two ideas* I really loved. One was to set Claudia's song from Lestat to the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park, because it turns out carnivorous dinosaurs are not so different from vampires when it comes to blood thirst. Then my assignment arrived, and not only was that the matched fandom, but threaded between Dogstar's character-related requests were exclamations about how much he loved the dinosaurs. So, hurrah!

*The second idea turned into my second Festivid.

"I Want More" was the only halfway decent song to come out of the Lestat musical. While Allison Fischer sang the hell out of it, I decided to use Elton John's demo version; it was cleaner, it didn't have the Lestat and Louis interludes, and it's just creepy/ridiculous to hear him imitate a little girl. Which was exactly the tone I wanted the vid to hit. Then it was only a matter of clipping every shot of dinos threatening, chasing, snapping at and chewing on people, and slotting the best ones into place.

Incidentally, I didn't mean to make an anti-science vid. If anything, the lines about "it's your fault" are a statement about how many of the characters involved in the construction of the park did not think like most real-life scientists would think; there should have been more Alan Grants and Ian Malcolms trying to get everyone to be more reasonable about the potential consequences.

The thing I would change is the first three clips in the "I wander through the streets at night" verse. That's supposed to be about how Claudia/the dinosaurs seduce people into believing her/their innocence, so she/they can get close enough to chomp. But the shot of the T-rex in L.A. and of Alan and Lex cowering by the Land Rover show chaos and fear. Oh, well; people didn't seem to mind.

And RIP once more to Pete Postlethwaite, who appears in one clip here.

Feedback & concrit are always welcome as I try to improve my vidding.

This vid has shown at: Escapade 2011, Vidukon 2011 ("Best of Festivids" vidshow), Swancon 2011, Vividcon 2012 ("Let's Put on a Show" vidshow), Vidukon 2015 (Pets vidshow) and... I'm forgetting something. :(
Tags: festivids, lestat, vampire chronicles, vampires, vid, vidding
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