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Got my Kink Bingo card! It is… Well, I had six ideas I wanted to do or had started last year and hadn't finished, encompassing maybe a dozen kinks in all, and… none of them are on my card, heh. I am absolutely totally open to creating stories and vids and commentaries and icons and recs for kinks that don't cater to my own favorites—indeed, that is one of the goals of the Bingo comm—and to creative interpretation, but I'm nonetheless toying with knocking out a quick-and-dirty (heh) line or plus-sign Bingo and requesting a second card to see if it works better with my plans. I've been half-joking to synn and deelaundry that I could do a whole Bingo with recs from the Inception kink meme; this may be the time to prove it.

The card, if you want to see it:

held down - Mary Sue thoughts historical roleplay -
"Born Too Late" (DS9 vid)
wet, messy, dirty -
"Let's Get Messy" (multi vid)
domestic / tradesman kink (recs) orgasm denial / control - "Satisfaction"
(Peanuts vid)
sensory deprivation body alteration / injury bodily secretions enemas mirrors and doubles
subspace / headspace (recs) humiliation (verbal) (recs) wildcard - ageplay (recs) vehicular (recs and thoughts) food (recs)
foot / shoe fetish sex toys (worn under clothing) tentacles writing on the body consent play
suspension voyeurism orgies and decadence uniforms / military kink breathplay

I'm looking at the center row, possibly with center column down the road for the plus sign. Which of course means I also came up with a fun idea for "historical roleplay."

ETA June 14: Second Bingo card:

gangbang foot / shoe fetish humiliation (verbal) - Mary Sue DS9 fic tattoos / tattooing blades
penance / punishment collars tickling vehicular smacking / slapping
dressup genital torture wildcard - mechanical/ technological - Humping Robot vid whipping / flogging anonymity
shaving / depilation - 14 recs voyeurism - Found Poem: Aliens Made Them Do It masters doms slaves & subs - A Girl Like You (vid) fucking machines - If You Build It (He Will Come) danger - BtVS meta
historical roleplay fisting / stretching writing on the body service orgies and decadence

Since there is a masters/doms/slaves/sub in progress, looks like it'll be second row up from the bottom. *rubs hands together*
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