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Vid! "Drink me," Akasha/Lestat & Lilith/Bill (Queen of the Damned & True Blood)

Happy almost Halloween! The power didn't go out in the storm, and by Jove, I am going to finish this Bingo before tomorrow's deadline.

Title: Drink Me
Sources: The Queen of the Damned, True Blood
Pairings: Akasha/Lestat, Lilith/Bill
Music: Heartbeat sound effects by Extremely20 on YouTube + source audio
Length: 1:50
Summary: The power of the blood of the First.
Warnings: Full-frontal female nudity, blood-soaked vampires, femmes fatales, implied character death. Camera pans from ~0:27-0:40. Spoilerish for the end of True Blood season 5.
Notes: For the "hypnosis/mind control" square on my Kink Bingo card. This is the first vid I've made where I laid down all the clips before constructing the audio. Neat. Hope it works for you.

Streaming at YouTube and Vimeo | Download mp4 (12.7 MB)

Comments and concrit are always welcome as I try to improve my vidding (and audio editing!).

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Tags: kink bingo, vampires, vid
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