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New vidlet! Dukat/Sisko, "Best of Enemies"

Title: Best of Enemies [AO3]
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9)
Characters: Sisko and Dukat, plus cameos
Music: Audio excerpts from The Lego Batman Movie
Length: 1:23
Summary: Pffft. You think you're my greatest enemy?
Content notes: Hurt feelings.
Physical notes: The clips from "Waltz" have flickery firelight.
A/N: A belated [personal profile] equinox_vids treat for [personal profile] purplefringe, who requested:
if you're more a wacky-comedy-vid sort of person, I would absolutely love a vid about Sisko and his many nemeses! Gul Dukat, Kai Winn, Michael Eddington, Solok the Vulcan...who is his one true nemesis??! They all think it's them! :-D
Sorry it took so long! Needed to wait for the movie to come out on DVD so I could use the audio.

(Er, also I reserve the right to change the ending later -- I had to stick in some clips so the credits would render correctly!)

Best of Enemies from bironic on Vimeo.

Dialogue (slightly edited):

Batman: You think you're my greatest enemy?
Joker: Yes! You're obsessed with me!
Batman: *pfft* No, I'm not.
Joker: Yes, you are.
Batman: No, I'm not.
Joker: Yes, you are! Who else drives you to one-up them the way that I do?
Batman: Bane.
Joker: No, he doesn't.
Batman: Superman.
Joker: Superman's not a bad guy!
Batman: Then I'd say that I don't currently have "a bad guy." I am fighting a few different people.
Joker: What?
Batman: I like to fight around.
Joker: Okay, look, I'm fine with you fighting other people if you wanna do that, but what we have? This is special. So when people ask you who's your number-one bad guy, you say...
Batman: ...Superman.
Joker: Are you seriously saying that there's nothing, nothing special about our relationship?
Batman: Whoa. Let me tell you something, J-bird. There is no "us." Batman and Joker are not a thing. I don't need you. You mean nothing to me.

* * *

Batman: I hate you.
Joker: *gasps* I hate you, too.
Batman: I hate you more.
Joker: I hate you the most.
Batman: I hate you forever.

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