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stranger than fiction

insufferable know-it-all

"So I thought, 'What would she really want for her birthday?' and somehow the image of Sheppard handcuffed to a pole over his head came to mind." ~ deelaundry

"You and your sexy tentacles! ::shakes fist::" ~ sabinelagrande

"Well, f*ck spoons. I ALWAYS need a bironic!" ~ no_detective

My LJ life as a stick figure, as put forth by euclase, July 2008.

* * *

"Good God... I am a forty year old in a boy suit." ~ Remus Lupin, The Shoebox Project

No, really -- if you know Shoebox!Remus, you know an awful lot about me. If not, how about this: twenty-something introverted obsessive perfectionist, writer, fool for fiction, former employee and current grad student employee again, alas. I tend to take too long to write things and sound too serious and focus too much on details. My interests list says everything else.

I try to keep the content here fannish, but it's harder since I've been back at school entered a new career. I'm mostly reading and writing in House M.D. and Stargate: Atlantis right now, but once I've fallen for a cast of characters, they stay with me, so everything makes appearances from time to time. Identifyingly personal stuff is friends-locked.

On friending: Don't feel obligated to friend back and please don't take it personally if I don't friend you back. Chances are I just want to get to know you first. Or possibly I already know and adore you but only a small percentage of your posts covers our mutual interests. Or possibly you post too often for me. I don't use reading filters.

Oh yes -- and no post is too old for a comment.

I am bironic on LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, InsaneJournal, Squidge.org, Archive of Our Own, blip.tv, and my website. That is not me on Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, MySpace or anywhere else the name might pop up.

LJ MindMap (A visual representation of the relationships among my mutual friends-list as of October 2006)
alan rickman, alexi murdoch, ancient egypt, angel, anglophilia, anne rice, anthropomorphic personifications of death, arkelopes, armand, badminton, being a closet fangirl, beth orton, bitextuality, books, boston legal, brimstone, buffy the vampire slayer, buying too many books, byron, cheese, david bowie, david hallberg, deep space nine, dr. james wilson, equal opportunity 'shipping, fandom, fanfiction, fionavar tapestry, firefly, folk music, foreign films, garak/bashir, gary oldman, geeking out, halloween, harry potter, holocaust literature, homoerotic subtext, house, house m.d., house/wilson, house/wilson/anyone, hugo weaving, hurt/comfort clichés, ian mckellen, introversion, irish step dancing, james spader, jason isaacs, jean reno, john sheppard kneeling, jonathan lethem, julian bashir, longinus, lord byron, luc besson, mckay/sheppard, movies, natalie portman, neil gaiman, nerds, odo, paul auster, philippe besson, platonic intimacy, pop culture studies, proving snape isn't evil, rachmaninoff, radek zelenka, random medical trivia, reading, relating everything to fiction, remus lupin, remus/sirius, rene auberjonois, richard shindell, roar, robert sean leonard, rodney mckay, romanticism, sci fi, sebastian roche, severus snape, sexual tension, short-lived tv shows, siddig el fadil, slash, snape/hermione, star trek, stargate the movie, stargate: atlantis, subtlety, sydney carton, tennyson, tentacles, the homosocial continuum, the marauders, the professional, thomas kretschmann, vampires, vincent perez, waiting for shoebox updates, willow/giles, willow/spike, wilson/anyone, wolverine/rogue, writing, writing letters by hand